Concavidades (Concavities) is a research on the record of a performance between a body and a space in the private environment of a home under construction. Everything begins with a feeling of vertigo that arises in this body and detaches it from its existence in the world. Given this disconnection and awkwardness about existing in the world, the body seeks instinctively the protection of a concavity that comes in form of a home. The home became my place for protection and security. That is what Gaston Bachelard, in his book “The Poetics of Space” calls “the house as a security reverie” – A being that sees itself in the convexity of the world, seeks a concavity of a home to protect itself.
In order to feel secure, I felt an urge to deconstruct and then reconstruct, both myself and my future home. This deconstruction became a way to reframe my existence in the world, carrying this process into the limits and boundaries of that space. As precarious as a nest seems “it gives us a feeling of security”, the house – in its precarious state of deconstruction, would bring me the security desired.
I was trying to give form and solidity to my body inside the forms of my future home. My reverie became a ritual, a performance to my camera, where my body tries to occupy and fit every corner and geometries of that space. A ritual of approach and recognition – a symbolic gesture I needed to perform that would lead me to my place of habit, my habitat; a place where body and space would be under conformity.
The struggle between these two bodies, comes to an end. The body finally conforms itself into that space, but it doesn’t become the space. This fusion is an impossibility. The outcome of this failed attempt results in the consciousness of every revery experienced in this process, and eventually, be able to move forward as a Being in this world.
This project became important in my path from the moment that I could take over my artistic identity, performing between art and everyday life; and what is left of all of this: photographs.