Overview Effect

‘Overview effect’ is known as a self awareness shift stated by some astronauts when they saw planet earth for the first time from orbit. Many felt overwhelmed by the image they saw: the earth hanging on a black void.

Houses serves us as our supporting ground, it’s our connection to a place on the planet, where we feel safe and protected. However, human beings are in a metaphysical homelessness condition, making the house a mere illusionary ground.

Through photography cut-outs, the artist isolates houses in a black background to see them “from outside” – this gesture, in a way, compels her to face the void of existence, enhancing her awareness as a finite being. She realizes that the essence of dwelling is a question of scale and measure, not only she inhabits the house between foundation and roof, rather, she is a poetic dweller: inhabiting on the earth, under the sky as a (human) being.